Getting to know Folkestone

It’s been a busy few weeks since my last post. I have been busy job hunting (interview this week…), getting people in to quote for work in the house, looking after my son, visiting friends in London and Cambridge and starting to get a feel for Folkestone.

We could not have arrived at a better time for someone who loves the contemporary arts. The town has been steadily building up for the Folkestone Triennial and Folkestone Fringe, which finally began with a dig in the sand last Thursday (Michael Sailstorfer’s Folkestone Digs). I will definitely blog about the triennial soon – it will need a post all to itself!


For a place that gets a lot of stick (googling it prior to the triennial got more moans than compliments) Folkestone is doing just fine if you ask me. Over the last few weeks my son and I have far from run out of child friendly activities and our family weekends have been filled with sightseeing and art-seeing as well as visits to see friends and family elsewhere.

20140810_145127Having my son to entertain, I am now quite familiar with  Radnor Park (great to live next door to a lovely park), The Coastal Park, The Old High Street, Sunny Sands, the ‘Peddle Beach’ (that’s what my son calls the pebble beach just below Mermaids cafe), Lathe Barn out beyond Hythe (an easy dayout where I get to sit down watching my son play) and we have made trips to the lovely Brockhill Country Park and Kearsney Abbey and a slightly dull visit to Sandwich (pretty, but shut on a Sunday afternoon). We also popped into Hythe to see St Leonards crypt – bit creepy!

Being out and about in Folkestone and beyond still feels like being on holiday. I wonder if we will tire of the beach and the parks and crave the concrete and culture of London, or if we will feel privileged to have best of both worlds as London is in easy reach.  I must say I am feeling a sense of pride that I can now call Folkestone home!


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