Time on my hands

Since moving and without a full-time job, my life has been dominated by four things; childcare, art, kitchen planning and job hunting.

The childcare has definitely settled down now, with my son enjoying nursery (apart from the temporary sulk as I leave him there), my parents being wonderful and helping out when I need extra support, the fabulous babysitter we have found and finding lots of wonderful things to do with him in Folkestone and nearby on our days off together.

Art, as previously mentioned is a current highlight in Folkestone as its the Triennial and Fringe at the moment. My son has decreed ‘No More Art!’ as we have seen so much, but unfortunately for him there is more to see. He is quite partial to Gabriel Lester’s The Electrified Line (Cross-track Observation-deck). We visit it each time we are in the Harbour area and every time the same conversation: ‘What will happen when a train comes?’ it begins, and each time I explain that trains no longer run on the line but he is never convinced and worries the structure is in the way and some terrible disaster will occur.Gabriel-624x415(photo borrowed from Folkestone Triennial website)

Then there has been the kitchen planning. This began before we moved and is still a daily topic in our house, as we await quotes, make decisions and try not to think about the huge amounts of money we plan to spend. The kitchen is definitely the heart of our home and we miss our old one. Currently the kitchen here is a little space, disconnected to the rest of the house and nothing works properly. We plan to knock down a wall, re-lay floors, add a few doors, radiators and a laundry and generally start again from scratch to create the kitchen/diner of our dreams. We are of course, getting a number of quotes and have had various kitchen companies design their idea of our dream kitchen. I visit these kitchen showrooms with such regularity people are going to think I work there. I have my kitchen brochures and designs on the coffee table for ease of perusal and dream at night about worktops. By the end of next week I really hope I can make a decision so we can get on with the hell that will be ‘the refurb’.

On top of all this I have been job hunting. This is a slow process as I am trying to get work I really want, especially having finished teaching, which I really didn’t want to do any more. Online searches, CV’s, applications, meetings and even an interview under my belt, but still no new work. It seems I need to play the long game and I am not worried – yet!


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